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12th April, 6 PM (local time)

Everyday practices are tactical by nature. They try to take advantage of the possibilities in a situation which is already determined. They find a way of slipping through the cracks in control. Our methods of speaking, communication, reading, dressing up, walking around town… even the tiniest activities, (…)

March 31st – April 1st, 2017

The inspiration for the international conference Exhibition as a Medium of History, held as a part of the project Trauma & Revival. Postwar in the Art of the East and West (2016–2018) were the examples of exhibitions from the period of the First Avant-Garde. Artists and (…)

Roland Wirtz w Szafirowej Pracowni, fot. Studio FilmLOVE
4.11.2016 (Friday), 14.00

Visit a place of its own kind – though important for Polish art, yet usually forgotten. The so-called Sapphire Studio of Stanisław Wyspiański, a place where the artist painted a series of views of the Kaściuszko Mound at the turn of 1904 and 1905, will host a one-time (…)

Opening: 15.10 (Saturday), 5 pm

Krõõt Juurak, “The Place of the Grave” A girl was playing in the house and suddenly the Grave came to the girl and said: “Little girl, little girl, you can play here but you have to close the doors and windows.” The girl said yes and continued (…)

21.08.2016 (Sunday), 3 pm

Paolo Soleri, Friedrich Fröbel, Henry Fourdrinier, Guilio Camillo, Somnath Mukherje, and Ferdinand Cheval – biographies of this culturally and historically diverse group of people are among the topics addressed by Aurélien Froment. Within the frameworks of events closing the exhibition of “Aurélien Froment / (…)

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7.07.2016 (Thursday), 6 pm

Come to the meeting with Olive Martin about “X. et Y. c/ Préfet de…; Plaidoirie pour une jurisprudence.” Olive Martin and Patrick Bernier, in collaboration with lawyers – Sylvia Preuss-Laussinotte, expert in immigration law, and Sébastien Canevet, specialist in intellectual property rights, analysed the positions (…)

3.06.2016 (Friday), 6 pm

We would like to invite you to the opening of two exhibitions: “Aurélien Froment / Krzysztof Pijarski. Moiré” and “Text and its Performance.” We would also like to encourage you to follow information about related events and visit the Gallery on free entry days every Tuesday from 11 to 7 pm. (…)