‘Let’s imagine a region where the population becomes aware that the endless accumulation of capital is neither possible nor desirable and, as a result, comes to believe that another world not only is, but has to be, viable. In what way should such a population embark on the path to alternative solutions? (…)

That’s utopian of course,! So, what of it! We cannot afford any other option.’

David Harvey, The Enigma of Capital and the Crises of Capitalism, Oxford University Press 2010, pp. 229, 231

(trans. Aneta Rostkowska).

The project is presented in Bunkier Sztuki’s new space, which, for the duration, will turn into a simulation of the world after the fall of capitalism or after a modification of its present version. Within four closely related modules – the city, theory, art and everyday life – we would like to reflect on the possibility of creating an alternativeeconomic system.

We would like to invite, as participants in the project, urban activists, artists, green activists, philosophers, sociologists and all those who are not happy with the status quo and who – rather than exercise postmodern irony – would prefer a critical utopia, understood not as a vision of hegemony but as a tool of creative reflection about the future.

The project stems from disenchantment with capitalism as a system promoting alien values. After Capitalism is a reaction to the marginalisation both of independent groups and the NGO sector in our city.

The project was also inspired by the perception of the increasingly significant role of the precariat in the public debate in spite of its lack of representation therein, as well as a recognition of the growing importance of cities and communities which form spontaneously in the globalised world.