Bunkier Sztuki Little Club provides a series of artistic workshops for children 5–12, run in the Gallery. The sessions are prepared in conjunction with both Polish and foreign artists, who represent a rich variety of artistic trends. Workshops enable artistic interaction between the artist and the participants. Thanks to these encounters, youngsters can learn, enrich their imagination, enhance their general knowledge and artistic abilities. We also operate outside Bunkier, as part of the project entitled Let’s Get to Know One Another! BSLC in the City. We produce toys – which are at the same time artistic objects – following artists’ original designs; since 2011, as part of the BSLC project, we have been publishing books with an anti-discriminatory slant for the youngest readers. In 2012, the BSLC sessions will be taking place on the first Saturday of each month . A number of them will be taking place in the Open Space – the new dedicated educational area of the Gallery. The sessions will have the additional attraction of cartoon shows (as part of the project Breakfast at the Little Cinema) and workshops to accompany the current Bunkier Sztuki exhibitions.

Let’s Get to Know One Another! BSLC in the City

To reach the widest possible audience, especially teenagers, we have now ventured outside the Gallery’s walls. Our projects aim at creative collaboration between the invited visual artists and groups of children from schools, children’s homes and other care centres.

We hope that, with this project, the 13 – 18 age group will catch the contemporary art ‘bug’. Through these kinds of activities we want to demonstrate that contemporary art helps break down barriers and promotes mutual understanding, communication and the building of positive relationships. We initiate artistic activities for young people, also in their own environment.

The participants in the first edition of Let’s Get to Know One Another! were the charges of Children’s Home No. 1 in Kraków and the artist Monika Drożyńska. In the second edition, together with the invited guests Agata Biskup and Przemek Czepurko, we carried out a project with the young linked to Umbrella, the Centre of Prevention and Social Education, as well as their carers and friends. The expectations and the needs of all the participants combined to produce the results, helped by the work which had been done in our joint meetings and everybody getting to know one another. Together with the young people and Cezary Tomaszewski, the artists made a film with the working title Musicians 2. The film is a remake of Kazimierz Karabasz’s 1960 film Musicians.
The participants in the 2nd edition: Anka Bargiel, Agata Biskup, Mariusz Czachorowski, Przemek Czepurko, Marcin Drewniak, Darek Gałek, Maciek Guzik, Allan Kwaśnik, Cecylia Malik, Ania Marcisz, Piotr Spytkowski, Cezary Tomaszewski.

The premiere of the film is expected to take place in the spring of 2012.

Bunkier Sztuki Little Club Series
This is a series of children’s books, created as the result of a collaboration between the invited authors and visual artists. The books fit into the genre of anti-discriminatory fables; by working on the children’s imagination and sense of empathy, they teach them to accept their own imperfections and they imply that each of us is different and that diversity is a virtue and not a fault.

The stories are accompanied by illustrations, the primary aim of which is to sensitise children aesthetically from the youngest age possible. We began the series in 2011 with three publications: The Story of Frances the Mouse and The Magic Forest by Magdalena Stoch with illustrations by Marta Ruszkowska and Przemysław Czepurko and The Adventures of Vendetta by Sylwia Chutnik with illustrations by Mikołaj Małek.


As part of BSLC, a unique series of toys is being produced, designed by visual artists. So far, we have completed projects with designs by: Agata Biskup and Przemek Czepurko, Justyna Koeke, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Bartosz Mucha and Joanna Pawlik. The works aim to promote contemporary art amongst children and their parents. Apart from artistic value, they have educational merit. We produce objects which are borderline art; they are quite different from mass-produced toys both in form and in the way they are made. Each toy is signed by the author and carries the logo of BSLC. It is made in limited editions of a hundred copies. You can buy the toys in our online shop, as well as in the Korporacja Ha!art bookshop at Bunkier Sztuki.

Breakfast at the Little Cinema

In 2012, on the first Saturday of each month, at the Bunkier Open Space we have organised shows of the best children’s cartoons. Projections of selected animations by producers from all over the world will accompany the weekly programme of Bunkier Sztuki Little Club meetings. The sessions will also provide workshops in the most popular animation techniques.

Bunkier Sztuki Little Club curator: Anna Bargiel
Collaboration: Cecylia Malik
Visual identification, graphic design: Agata Biskup i Przemysław Czepurko