Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art cordially invites you to attend the official opening ceremony of our two exhibitions – “Communicating Vessels” and “The Trouble with Value”.

“Communicating Vessels” revolve around objects and installations constructed as either processes or events. They do not entirely belong to the non-material domain, nor do they fit the stereotypical image of a fixed piece of art. Life cycles of such works are dependent on properties of fragile and volatile substances as well as on external factors affecting them. Still, their passing and change do not mean loss, for depletion, decay and death are followed by growth, restoration and rebirth.

Discussing an array of artworks, the curators of “The Trouble with Value” exhibition came across some intriguing voices telling a tangled story about the symbolic and economic value a work of art holds, being a product of its creator’s labour; and there came hope that these would provide some insights into contemporary notions of value and value systems surrounding us. Consequently, the exhibition is an attempt to capture certain aspects of artists’ relationships with their works—ones which establish such values as well as those forging the connection between art institutions and the art market.

We shall be honoured to enjoy the pleasure of your company.