Immersed in Images – final days of the Main Exhibition of the International Print Triennial 2018

Two weekend days – 25th and 26th of August – are the last occasion to see the latest edition of the Main Exhibition of the International Print Triennial in Krakow. The exhibition held under the title Immersed in Images takes the viewers on an extraordinary journey through the contemporary iconosphere and presents works related to major changes taking place in culture, in ourselves and propose the reflection about the transformations to which we subject the reality around us. As a part of the exhibition, the artists share their personal stories, invite to their studio, where dominates the creative disorder, and some encourage direct interaction with their works.

We invite you to immerse in images!


25.08.2018, (Saturday), 2 p.m.

Curator tour around the exhibition

Curator: Marta Raczek-Karcz

Guided tour with the curator gives the opportunity to look at the works presented at the exhibition from a different perspective than the one provided by the authors’ comments. During the guided tour, the cultural context, especially important in case of works belonging to others than the European cultural circle, will be presented, as well as conceptual attitude that motivated the creators of the exhibition, i.e. an international team of jurors responsible for the selection of works for the exhibition.


26.08.2018, (Sunday), 2 p.m.

Graphic interaction with the work of the laureate of Professor Witold Skulicz Award MTG 2018 – Zuzana Dyrda Brudas [Slut]

Participation in this event enables you to feel a part of the artistic project. Your own skin used as a surface for a print based on the three-dimensional-matrix prepared by the artist, will become an impulse for deeper, existential reflection.