Kamil Kukla “Fruits and Maws” – music premiere

Fruits and Maws is music that accompanied my solo exhibition of the same title mounted in the autumn of 2019 at Bunkier Sztuki in Kraków. I recorded a series of improvised soundscapes for the exhibition. The first set, the album opener, could be heard at the Gallery. The paintings and sculpture installation were accompanied by the sound plasma sprawling through Gallery rooms, unfolding arduously, meant to slow the viewer down and get them mired down for longer.

The sound, much like the paintings, is in my case created in a rather unclear, only partly controlled way. I rarely have a good grasp of what the budding idea of an initial spot or note will grow to be. Nor do I know how dense they can become and at what point I should stop – no one able to rap me on the knuckles in the right moment is standing above me.

Fruits and Maws – alternative version is a soundscape I rejected as too dense and intrusive. Yet here I can safely put it as a postscript to the exhibition which folded up long ago after all.


Fruits and Maws ← click to listen

Kamil Kukla, Fruits and Maws. Painting, sculpture, music ← exhibition information