Lenka Klodová, Maria Metsalu – performances as part of the Orient exhibition

Cover Body Cover by Lenka Klodová

Ever since the 1970s stripteases, fashion shows, galas, and erotic shows have been paraphrased by female artists to define their right to interpretation of own bodies. One of the similar, rather complicated genres is bodypainting. What is the message and artistic value of that artistic production when the naked female body is covered with color? Is the use of the female body as the basis for painting its doubled objectification? For the first, the naked body is exposed as an object, for the second, it is covered as a canvas by painting to increase its attractiveness. Or isn’t the body painted in bodypainting style naked? Is the paint layer a protective coating of art that protects the viewer from the real living body? Can this second skin become an expression of the interior body of the performer?

Maria and the angry pasta by Maria Metsalu

Hunger rules here. Unbearable hunger. Colour used to be plentiful here. But it turned its back on us. Sisters died, compelling our raging brothers to beg for forgiveness. As long as you are here, you will have to fight to survive. Time stands still. but not here. Colour turns into nerva inside your hearts. Your life leaves as your colour leaves. When your hearts are empty you will die. But worst of all, you will wake the murderer that lives inside her.


Lenka Klodová (born 1969) – studied Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design /AAAD/ in Prague. Being originally sculptor she works in different media. She prefers conceptual line of creation – photography, instalation, performance, art research. Her researches are focused on visual presentation of human relationships and on relation between art, human / specially women‘s / sexual experience and pornography. She received Ph.D. for art research on pornographic magazine for women. Since 2010 she became a head of Studio of Body design at Faculty of Fine Art at Brno University of technology. Her favorite academical and artistic topic is now human nudity as very natural state of body on one side and very political gesture on the other side. Recently her book Naked Situations – a guide through the main naked moments in contemporary society and catalogue of her works with nudity – was published. She is running The Festival of naked forms in Prague – experimental platform for testing understanding of nudity in performance art and in humanities.

Maria Metsalu (born 1990) – Estonian choreographer and performer. Her works express an ongoing interest in self-mythologization and autopoiesis via new, corporate technologies in an attempt to understand their unique terms of social exchange and transformation. Metsalu graduated from SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in 2016, and is one of the founding members of international performance group Young boy dancing group.