Marta Trektere, Anni Puolakka – performances as part of the Orient exhibition

Fragile Trap is composed of two performances by Marta Trektere and Anni Puolakka. In her performance, Marta will ponder whether a lack of happiness and subsequent desperate longing thereof are better than not caring about achieving happiness at all. Anni will blush talking about the trap of identity. She uses embarrassment as a tool that helps navigate such situations. Marta and Anni will embrace.

Marta Trektere is an artist based in Riga, Latvia. She uses different media – performance, text, video, sound and theatre – to highlight the simplicity of what usually seems complex in everyday life as well as to address psychological problems in life, art, and texts. Trektere has studied Germanic philology at the Latvian Academy of Culture and the University of Latvia. Presently, she co-manages 427 (FOUR TO SEVEN), an artist-run gallery in Riga. Trektere’s recent performances include Variations on Vulnerability, in collaboration with Valentinas Klimašauskas and Anni Puolakka (BOZAR, Brussels, 2018), Baltic Interior (BOZAR, Brussels, 2018), Everybody Reads, in collaboration with Valentinas Klimašauskas (kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, 2018), Hydrogen Night, with Anni Puolakka. She is the author of Docs (kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, 2018),  Obama GO Bananas (Eduards Smiļģis Theatre Museum, Riga, 2017) and Raudives Radio (Dirty Deal Teatro, Riga, 2018).

Anni Puolakka creates performances, videos, installations, drawings and texts, in which situation-specific materials or documents are incorporated into fictional worlds. In her works, the artist examines the limitations and potential of humans, searching for meaningful and vivid – sometimes dreamy or indecent – connections with other beings, objects or surroundings. She also experiments with traditions as well as with contemporary theatre practices and cinematography techniques. Puolakka has recently exhibited at BOZAR (Brussels), PLATO Ostrava (Ostrava), W139 (Amsterdam), Kiasma Museum of Modern Art (Helsinki) and Performance Space (Sydney). A native of Oulu, Puolakka divides her time between Helsinki and Rotterdam.