Modern Football as a Metaphor of a Capitalist Society

We hereby invite you to a meeting dedicated to phenomena occurring at the intersection of football and capitalism.

Is the organization and functioning of modern football still guided by the logic of an athletic competition? What do Wisła and Cracovia fans, and the proliferation of call centers in Kraków have in common? How can examining the mechanisms behind football help in better understanding of the nature of capitalism?

This is a promotional meeting accompanying the publishing of two books on these matters. Sport nie istnieje. Igrzyska w społeczeństwie spektaklu [Sport Doesn’t Exist. Games in a Spectacle Society] is an insightful, accessible essay, in which the authors examine the transformation of sport into a ludicrously costly spectacle. In their perspective, sport is revealed to be a part of the entertainment industry and lens that focus almost all of the most important processes that govern the modern world. +4812 by Jan Hoeft is a collection of short stories, inspired by an unusual artistic project, carried out by Bunkier Sztuki at the Kraków Błonia in 2016 – occasionally, a football scarf appeared on a steel beam positioned at the grassland; after calling the number on the scarf, one could reach one of Kraków’s call centres and experience a special performance by the employees under the direction of the artist.

The discussion will be moderated by the curator of Jan Hoeft’s project, Aneta Rostkowska.

About the participants:

JAN HOEFT is an artist. In his projects, he analyzes the contemporary global socjety, using conceptual photography, video, and public space interventions. He graduated from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and the Jan Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht.

SŁAWOMIR SHUTY is an intermedia artist – writer, movie director, photographer, performer, and the creator of the Baton art-zine. He wrote the books Brave New Taste (Nowa Huta, 1999), Gibberish (Kraków, 2001), Sugar Level Normal (Kraków, 2002), Flashback (Warsaw, 2004), Polish Product (Kraków 2005), Movements (Warszawa 2008), Baton III Taltosz (Kraków 2012), Lizard (Kraków, 2012), and Nineties (Kraków, 2013).

JAN SOWA is a materialistic-dialectical researcher and social theoretician. He wrote such books as The Phantom King’s Body (Kraków, 2011) i Another Commonwealth is Possible (Warszawa, 2015). Member of the Culture Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

KRZYSZTOF WOLAŃSKI is a philosopher and author of the book Judge Schreber. God, Nerves, and Psychoanalysis (Warsaw, 2012). He is also a literature teacher in one of Warsaw’s high schools and a central midfielder in the Wszystko Jedno amateur football team.

ANETA ROSTKOWSKA is a curator and art researcher. She studied art history, philosophy, and economy in Kraków, Poznań, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt; she is also a Curatorial Studies graduate at the De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam.

LISA POMMERENKE studied communication design at the University of Arsts and Design Karlsruhe and at ECAL in Lausanne. Her employers include Amsterdam’s Thomas Buxó and Cologne’s lange+durach.