Music performance by the band Rdzeń

For many years, Piotr Lutyński has been putting on musical performances together with his artist friends. The activity commenced due to his mobile workshop (Project Bus KR 736EJ), which for a dozen years now has been a place for creative meetings between various artists: musicians, painters, and poets. A space to intermingle music genres arises – from jazz, blues, rock to classical and folk music – as they take the performance-slash-happening form of show and melodeclamation.

8 February 2020, 6 pm

Musical performance by the band Rdzeń:

Piotr Lutyński – violin,

Marek Kozica – cello,

Adam Rzepecki – drums,

Ewa Libera – sax,

Zbigniew Libera – drums,

Fryderyk Lutyński – guitar

Adam Rzepecki’s performance: the artist is going to play an instrument made of ice and stones.

Event to accompany the exhibition by Piotr Lutyński BUDDHA, MARS AND DEER.

photo: Andrzej Świetlik