New publication: Piotr Lutyński “Buddha, Mars and deer”

The catalogue contains reproductions of paintings, objects, and installations along with photographic documentation of performative actions by the Kraków artist. The publication was enhanced by exhibition and workspace photos.

“All the exhibitions of Piotr Lutyński that I have known of seemed to me to confuse natural orders. And not because fowl rule the gallery, chicks are hatched, geese strut around, fish swim, and a deer looks into the Buddha’s eyes. As if all this wasn’t enough, you know that the exhibition space is just part of a much larger undertaking, that introducing musicians and sounds into it is what manages to create an elaborate situation which may – but may not – lead to the emergence of something Lutyński will consider to be art”, says Maria Hussakowska in her text dedicated to Piotr Lutyński’s works.

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