Robbo. Solucja – premiere of the book and a wild demo from the original Atari 65 XE

In 1989, Janusz Pelc wrote the game Robbo on an 8-bit Atari, which was one of the first personal computers. Robbo, a small robot, collects screws and has to get through 56 planets. The game has achieved cult status and has hundreds of remixes and modifications. Beginning in the 1980s, fans (once mainly young boys, today adult men) played this game, collecting screws and running away from enemies (bats, flying eyes, devils etc.) while drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, eating crisps and tell jokes. One of the places where you play Robbo are the so-called demoparties, gathering computer geeks, technology nerds and fans of old computers. They are the heroes of Robbo. Solucja [eng. Robbo. Solution], the first computergenerated book published in Polish. Its basis was a text generator written in Mad Pascal. The project was presented as part of the wild compo during the demoparty Silly Venture 2017 in Gdańsk. The program itself lasts 56 minutes and generates solutions for the 56 individual planets. However, it is looped, so it generates an inexhaustible amount of solutions. One of them contains the book published.

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