“The Trouble with Value”: guided tour by the curator Kris Dittel

During the guided tour of The Trouble with Value exhibition, Kris Dittel will talk about the main theses of the ideological framework of the project and the cooperation with artists who decided to face the challenge of formulating the reflection on manufacturing symbolic values in the world of contemporary visual arts.

“Perhaps the most obvious definition of value that comes to mind is the economic one. Something that is quantifiable and measureable. At the same time, when you think about art and the art market, its mechanisms are vague and confusing. Of course, there are monetary measures involved, but other components—symbolic, cultural, ethical et cetera—are also employed in the creation of value.”

Kris Dittel, from the curatorial text/conversation with Krzysztof Siatka


About the Host:

Kris Dittel is an independent curator and editor of publications she sees as an alternative form of artistic expression. She collaborates with the Eindhoven Onomatopee – a publishing house and space for artistic projects. In recent years, her activities have been inspired by contemplation of forms of communiation – relations between language, art, and economy. She resides and works in the Netherlands.


Sponsor of the exhibition: Krakchemia S.A.

Partner: Onomatopee, Eindhoven


Photo: Studio FilmLOVE