Tour of the exhibition “A New Region of the World” with Jean-Ulrick Désert

Jean-Ulrick Désert is tracking hidden texts of our culture. He is most interested in that which is conspicuous, but usually remains invisible.

The Haiti-born and New York-raised artist living in Berlin uncovers what is concealed, setting off many blocked emotions. He explores how colonial constructs of contempt and submission – similar to a barely noticeable, but an ever-present pattern – permeate the entire Western culture, from the fundamental issues down to the most mundane, intimate habits. He asks who exactly has the right to cultural heritage and what is national identity actually about. He also talks about desires and submission, about fear of the Other and simultaneous desire to consume their Otherness, expressed for example by sex tourism.

The exhibition A New Region of the World features five works by Jean-Ulrick Désert. The exhibition’s starting point are the main premises of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, assembling works of over twenty artists from several continents, linked by the history of the Black Atlantic. The Caribbean occupies a special place here, as the earliest laboratory of creolization, the frontier of cultural globalism.

Jean-Ulrick Désert walks us around the exhibition, proposing his own reading of selected works and personal outlook on the history they form. On this expedition, he will be accompanied by the curator Olga Stanisławska.

A walk with Jean-Ulrick Désert will be a perfect introduction to a meeting with the artist, planned as a part of the Conrad Festival on Sunday, October 29th, at 5.30 PM, moderated by Katarzyna Surmiak-Domańska (Czeczotka House).