Can You Feel It?

I’ve fallen in love. Crazy in love. Head over heels in love.

As if possessed, I follow him with my thoughts, with my senses, yearning to meet, to be with him, to stay with him, if only for a moment.

He doesn’t exist. He will not exist. He’s nothing but a fantasy of mine.

The good that will not materialize.

Love. Can you feel it?


This emotional mess is full of embarrassing metaphors and inexorable sacrifices made in the state of ecstatic rapture. Does love always hurt once it becomes routine, if attained, or carnal utopia, if unrequited? Or “would you rather love more and suffer more than love less and suffer less?” [Julian Barnes, The Only Story]. Love can be trivial, especially when emotions are put into words or images.

Or maybe not always? Hopefully not.

The artists who share their reflections on falling in love in their works give specific answers and obvious hints, although they are often left powerless, faced by the vastness of this overwhelming outpour of feelings. Therefore, this will not be a homogeneous story. At the cost of order and harmony, Can You Feel It? will take you on an audio-visual journey through the land full of amorous and sensual elation as well as rejection, the land of abstract and fictional stories, instructions, and warnings. At times, we will be gentle and platonic, and every once in a while we will go beyond the limits of decency. You can take this journey seriously, but you don’t have to. Just feeling it will be enough.

As life would have it, love stories come in different colors and differ in intensity. Therefore, we will be screening films both during the day and at night.


The films:

Grzegorz Stefański, Choke, 10ꞌ 22″, 2001
Jolanta Marcolla, Kiss, 1ꞌ 51″, 1975
Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Dzień po dniu [Day After Day], 15ꞌ 42″, 1980
Adam Żądło, Czerwony diament [Red Diamond], 9ꞌ 23″, 2016
Maria Nova, Ślub [Wedding], 3ꞌ 03″, 2018
Maria Nova / Quentina von Haydn Lynch, Pieśń | trailer nieistniejącego filmu [A Song | A Trailer to a Non-Existent Film], 3ꞌ 35″, 2018
Joanna Pawlik, Show, 3ꞌ 32″, 2008
Ewa Borysewicz, Do serca twego [To Thy Heart], 10ꞌ, 2013
Ewa Borysewicz, Cebulowa panna [Miss Onion], 12ꞌ 35″, 2018
Marta Pajek, Snępowina [Sleepingcord], 14ꞌ 09″, 2011
Marta Pajek, Figury niemożliwe i inne historie II [Impossible Figures and Other Stories II], 15ꞌ, 2016
Teresa Tyszkiewicz, Zdzisław Sosnowski, Druga strona [The Other Side], 12ꞌ 26″, 1980
Magdalena Pilecka, Piesydent [Doggydent], 2ꞌ 05″, 2014
Magdalena Pilecka, Take me as I am, 40″, 2016
Zofia Krawiec, Złoto [Gold], 2ꞌ 09″, 2015
Zofia Krawiec, Hit Me and It Felt Like Kiss, 2ꞌ 04″, 2014
Brodka (produced by Aneta Grzeszykowska, Jan Smaga), My Name is Youth, 2ꞌ 18″, 2017
Michał Socha, Laska [Chick], 5ꞌ 07″, 2008
Janek Koza, Gra [Play], 3ꞌ 13″, 2001
The Stubs (produced by Janek Koza), Rudy’s Blue Boogie [Smutne boogie Rudy’ego], 2ꞌ 57″, 2012