Cecylia Malik | Rezerwat Miasto (City Reservation)

At Cecylia Malik’s exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki we will present films, photographs, objects and painting which the artist has created as part of her projects. Arranged along a tree trunk, together they tell the tale of a city reservation, in which nature constantly intertwines with things human. Here, you will find swallows weaving their nests under the roofs of housing estates, people dressing up as butterflies to defend our right to green spaces, images ‘growing’ out of trees, and beavers sculpting wooden squirrels.

In the art of Cecylia Malik, Krakow reveals its most secret and remote nooks and crannies. It becomes the city where birch trees grow between the fast traffic lanes on the Aleje, beeches – in the Lasek Wolski, acacias in the Main Square and where rivers are lined with riparian woods. Here, moments of solitude co-exist with collective action, which the artist undertakes with other artists, urban activists and ecologists, and above all, with her sister Justyna Koeke.

During the exhibition there will be an opportunity to get involved in the artist’s next project, one devoted to the Białka river; regulation of the river threatens to destroy the biological ecosystem. Part of the Gallery’s space will be transformed into the headquarters of the Plaits of the Białka project, where you will be able to see photographic documentation prepared by Prof. Roman Żurek and Paweł Augustynek-Halny of the devastation caused by the rivers in Małopolska.