Fanaberie | Week of Ferformance

During FANABERIE week, the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery will become a platform for transformation – the place where artists, activists, dressmakers, children, animals and plants will turn your garments into works of art, and you become a walking gallery.

Fanaberie run a week of workshops and performance art!
Fanaberie are walking works of art!
Fanaberie means freedom for clothes!
Fanaberie put on illegal fashion shows at shopping malls!
Fanaberie make frolics with creativity!

During the Fanaberie Week of Ferformance, the artists  invited to the project, together with the audience, will create community which produces and alters clothes. Garments will become both artists material and subject of creative debate. Workshops and performances will be held at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery.

You will be allowed to take a piece of art from the Gallery with you (and what is more, wear it on you!), rather than merely contemplate it. The fashion designers were deliberately not invited to the project, but visual artists. Through reshaping, painting, appliqué and quilting, clothes will be transformed into unique, singular, signed works of art.

Come to the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, bring on your unnecessary clothes, meet our artists, attend our workshops and create!
Clothes, we adore them! They play very important role in our life: we communicate with others through them and we define who we are, what we like, how much money we have, and even manifest our worldview. At present, one cannot think about clothes disregarding their economic, ecological, political and ethical aspects. We more often talk about the need to reduce consumption and implement responsible purchasing. Recycling has become a major trend in fashion and design lately.

Restraint on desire of buying, reprocessing or perhaps ferformance, a creative transformation?

We will not deal with the global economy or the crisis of capitalism. We will try to create a place for the new economy, where consumption is replaced with creativity, isolation with community, and money is superseded by bartering. We have too many clothes in our closets, we must admit it. Does it matter that from time to time we are getting rid of the contents of our wardrobes, we exchange clothes with friends and hand over unnecessary items to the poor, if after a while we are drowning in rags again, tempted by the shop windows with new patterns, summer sales, dresses for a penny each? We are insatiable.

Let’s change our clothes into works of art!
A shirt remodeled by Justyna Koeke will remain valuable forever. When the holes in the sweater are adorned by Kasia Dorota, there is a chance you will never throw it away. David Hardy will transform you and your clothing into an expressive painting. Claudia Vogel and Małgosia Markiewicz will disturb the joys of trying on and buying clothes at the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall, Monika Drożyńska will crack down on her own wardrobe, and Áine Philips will parade through the streets of Krakow in a red gown with a train that will stir the city.


Áine Philips, Anna Gohmert, Agata Bargiel, Helmut Dietz, Alexander i Teresa  Grebchenko, Andrea Vogel, Claudia Vogel, Cecylia  Malik, Julia Heuer/Kris Lemsolu, Justyna Koeke, Monika Drożyńska, Kasia Dorota, Paulina Karpowicz-Heliosz, Robert Kuta, Małgorzata Markiewicz, Keymo, Mimosa Pale, Suisse Marocain, Grupa Lasem, Poczwarka, Kloszart Kolektyw, Kiermasz Twórczej Reanimacji Odpadów

Ferformance without limits or borders!
During the FANABERIE Week of Ferformance, the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery will host performances (also in public space) and video screenings (in front of and inside the Gallery). Please be invited to join us!

Fanaberie are a cultural event of an international character.


23.09.2013 (Monday) | Grand Opening of the Week of Ferformance

17:30 pm
Áine Phillips, Red weight
Begins at: All Saints’ Square

18:30 pm
Monika Drożyńska, Inventory
Justyna Koeke, Fashionshow
Place: the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

25.09.2013 (Wednesday) | Illegal Stationary Fashion Shows

12:00 am
Poczwarka (Irena Kalicka, Marta Sala, Dominika Szczabła, Aleksandra Antuszewicz)
Place: the Vistula River Boulevards near Galeria Kazimierz shopping mall

15:00 pm
Małgorzata Markiewicz, EU
Place: tram stop at the Bagatela Theatre
Justyna Koeke, 10 Graces – Shit Fashion for Everyday
Place: Szewska and Floriańska Street

26.09.2013 (Thursday)

16–18:00 pm
Poczwarka (Irena Kalicka, Marta Sala, Dominika Szczałba, Aleksandra Antuszewicz)
Place: Planty (city green area)
Grubymi nićmi szyte, Birds mating (urban game)
Place: Planty (city green area)

17:00 pm
LASEM Group, Deframestration
Place: the Matejko Square

18:00 pm
Michał Olszewski,  Things, things, things  – on  paradoxes of transformation (lecture)
Place: the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery

27.09.2013 (Friday) |  Ferformance Day

14:00 pm
Kiermasz Twórczej Reanimacji Odpadów, March of the Superheroes
Begins at: the square in front of Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, march toward Galeria Krakowska shopping mall

15–18:00 pm
Mimosa Pale, Justyna Koeke, Cecylia Malik, Claudia Vogel, Suisse Marocain
Place: the square in front of the Galeria Krakowska, the area of the Main Post Office and the Main Railway Station in Krakow

17:00 pm
Agata Bargiel, Come, swap with me (flash mob)
Place: the square in front of the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall

22:00 pm
Robert Kuta – probably the most famous artist in the world. Enter the VIP  world.
(a meeting with a Star)
Place: Bomba na Placu Club, Szczepański Square 2/1

28.09.2013 (Saturday)

21:00 pm
TopLes, DJ Herr Charlatan (Berlin), DJane Wyrodna (Warszawa), Big Fanaberie Glamour Party!
Place: the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, evening dresses at null prices required!

30.09.2013 (Monday) | Finissage

20:00 pm
Great Fanaberie Fashion Show

Dress up in a work of art! We are giving away clothes reworked at Przebieralnia installation.
Anna Gohmert (performance)
Helmut Dietz, Urban Landscape Body Print
Teresa i Alexander Grebchenko, Sound performance

We also invite you to the workshops at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery:

21.09.2013 (Saturday), 11:00 am
Áine Phillips, Performer’s dress
As part of the Bunkier Sztuki Little Club

24–26.09.2013 (Tuesday–Thursday), 16–20:00 pm
Recycle-performative workshops at the Intergalactic Waste Zone

24.09.2013 (Tuesday), 16–20:00 pm
Kasia Dorota (POLtwór), A hole in the whole.

25.09.2013 (Wednesday), 16–20:00 pm
Mimosa Pale, Crazy Hats

28.09.2013 (Saturday), 11:00 am
Suisse Marocain, Spoko Spoko Fashion Bambini
As part of the Bunkier Sztuki Little Club

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