Jerry Galle “Pretext”

During the exhibition ‘Pretext’ Artificial Intelligence writes text based on the algorithm of logical association of semantic words by searching the database through its own indexing.

By combining the words AI makes short sentences, and can create associations between them. While creating longer phrases, it bases on the similarities encountered in the related sentences that appeared within the last 50 minutes. Its texts are decisive and accurate, but the binary code betrays the “author” of the book. Due to tremendous amount of pages it makes almost impossible to read the whole. This gives the book a serious aura, what it really does not deserve. Its creator – the machine, does not understand the declared meaning of such a book.

Pretext shows the difficult relationship between digital technology and contemporary culture, digital doubts that are already embedded in a single-minded computer structure, confronts “unproductive” human technology with uninterrupted technology. But when digital doubts come into play, strange things start to happen.

The exhibition also includes previous books written by ‘Pretext’ and robot drawings – graphical interpretations of texts created during previous exhibitions.

The produced book will be published in large form by the MER Paper Kunsthalle Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp.

Patchlab Digital Arts Festival from the beginning presents the potential of new media, technology, creative programming, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence and data resources to artists. Works, performances, installations, live-acts are very often a comment to current events, the ambiguity of the world in which we live. The festival and the artists share the same idea – in the center of interest is the human in the digital age – with all the luggage of experience and opportunities of modern technology.


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