Paintings, graphic art, sculptures, video, objects, installations.

The Bunkier Sztuki Collection comprised over a hundred works by thirty eight artists.

The compilation reflects the exhibition history of the Gallery as well as the most interesting trends in contemporary Polish art.

However, for us, the Collection represents, above all, action and experimentation. We seek out new avenues of development, focusing on young artists, on multimedia art and on non-standard creative techniques. Our activities are based on close collaboration with artists – we aim to ensure that a proportion of works are created especially for Bunkier, as the artist’s trademark statement about the Gallery.

The Collection is about working with the public and for the public. The works in it don’t gather dust in the storeroom – they trigger a dialogue with the viewers and become the catalyst for progress.

The Collection inspires numerous side events – workshops, meetings with artists and the invited experts in many fields – which provide opportunities to become involved in a discussion about the contemporary art and culture.

The Bunkier Collection promotes openness, innovation and communication.

This is a collection of works of art and a collection of experience.