4.03.2016 (Friday), 5 pm

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art cordially invites you to attend the official opening ceremony of our exhibition – “All Mounds Can Be Seen From My Window” – taking place on March 4, at 5 pm at 3a, Szczepański Sq. The history of the (…)

Rafani, On Invisilble
8.11.2015 (Sunday), 4 pm

Performance by Rafani group with guest participation by Jan Paweł Kowalewicz will take place in Bunkier Sztuki exhibition space, as well as in a number of mutually remote locations in Krakow. By communicating with each other and making simple gestures, at times reminiscent of (…)

 Little Warsaw, Yellow House / Open Call
12–13.11.2015 (Thursday, Friday), 4 pm

Bunkier Sztuki Gallery issues an open call for the new project by Little Warsaw collective. András Gálik and Bálint Havas are looking for participants in their two-day workshops / performance titled “Yellow House.” The project title was inspired with the name used in Budapest (…)


Bunkier Sztuki Little Club provides a series of artistic workshops for children 5–12, run in the Gallery. The sessions are prepared in conjunction with both Polish and foreign artists, who represent a rich variety of artistic trends. Workshops enable artistic interaction between the artist (…)


‘Let’s imagine a region where the population becomes aware that the endless accumulation of capital is neither possible nor desirable and, as a result, comes to believe that another world not only is, but has to be, viable. In what way should such a (…)

Maciej Kurak and Mariusz Libel | Dimensions of Utopia

‘[…] one must be the enfant terrible, make the so-called utopian projects so that they awake and develop social consciousness here and now, so that tomorrow they may become reality.’ Oskar Hansen talking to Czesław Bielecki, Pragmatyzm utopii, in: Architektura, no. 3/4 (1977), Warsaw Was Joseph Beuys the last (…)