Behind the café in Planty Park, well known to Krakow citizens, hides a rare treasure. It is the bold Modernist building of Bunkier Sztuki Gallery. Its opening – in September 1965 – caused an architecture scandal. The designer, Krystyna Tołłoczko-Różyska, proposed an unconventional solution: she introduced a Brutalist form into the historic city centre, which was to host a modern exhibition space that the city had not known before.

At present, the building is well integrated with traditional architecture, while a less attentive tourist may pass by without noticing its shape.

Meanwhile, the spaces in Bunkier Sztuki are still received with admiration, inspired by much more than just architecture. The gallery displays current work of Polish and international artists. We try to follow the spirit of the place – to showcase ground-breaking and modern art, in connection with its environment.

Our activities involve lectures, meetings, workshops, and guided tours – addressed to both the youngest and the elderly. From Tuesday to Sunday, our staff offers guided tours of exhibitions. On your request they will discuss works on display in Polish, Russian, and English.

We want the Gallery to be a place open to everyone. We wish to make contemporary art an important experience that allows the audience to look beyond the present.