Krakow Photomonth


Mentor Curator: Charlotte Cotton
Curator: Karol Hordziej
Co-ordination: Joanna Gorlach, Renata Zawartka

JOIN US! Celebrate our 10th anniversary, celebrate photography!
This year Krakow Photomonth’s innovation is the Experimental Section. The Photography in Everyday Life project was created by a team of Polish activists, artists, and academics working under the curatorial supervision of the famous British critic Charlotte Cotton (author of the guide to contemporary art photography “The Photograph as Contemporary Art”). The exhibition has been designed to allow all willing to actively engage in it. The events held in Bunkier Sztuki (events, installations, presentations, workshops, and seminars) will allow viewers to experience photography in
its various forms and flavours – to touch, explore, and try it! As a result, the sum of all the projects is a completely new approach to the issue of photography as a method of communication, its identity, and its national history. Free admission to the Gallery means one can easily go back to explore the exhibition anew.