Exhibition @Sufferosa as part of the Patchlab Digital Art Festival 2019

The theme of the 8th edition is REALITIES. Parallelly to the increasingly polarised reality and climate hazards, we create our digital worlds. What they are and what functions they perform will be explored during the festival.

In Bunkier Sztuki you will see the world’s first interactive film designed for Instagram, which falls under the interactive storytelling trend @Sufferosa by The Kissinger Twins. In this thriller, which is a satire on the cult of beauty and youth in the modern world, the plot is not predetermined, and the viewer is influenced by the course of events.

The main character detective Ivan Johnson is looking for a missing woman. The investigation leads him to the clinic of Professor Carlos von Braun, who deals with experimental rejuvenation. The project combines original footage with samples from classic cinema, literature and elements of adventure games.

Starring: Ryszard Ronczewski, Beata Tyszkiewicz, Maciej Kozłowski, Gosia Baczyńska and Ewa Szykulska.

The @Sufferosa project was described by The Guardian as “Cutting-edge interactive detective noir”. It won the audience award at the Stuttgarter Film Winter festival and was nominated for the prestigious Webby Award. It was shown at almost 50 film festivals around the world, including: Vancouver IFF, Reykjavik IFF, YouTube Day Singapore or onedotzero.

Specially for the Patchlab Festival @Sufferosa will be shown for the first time in the form of an interactive installation.

Full programme: https://en.patchlab.pl/program