OPENING: Natural Born Artists

You are invited to the opening of the exhibition by Beata Stankiewicz.

Beata Stankiewicz is a born painter. She is, above all, fascinated by the tension between human
presence and absence, between existence and non-existence. She probes these in depth. Each theme
is encapsulated in a large series of paintings that refer symbolically to the interiors of artists’ homes
and studios. In some paintings the protagonist is poignantly absent, in others – obtrusively present.
The anthropological interpretations conducted by Beata Stankiewicz are wide-ranging and deeply moving.

The exhibition will show the following series of works: Empty Rooms (2012–2022), Artists’ Retreat
(2017–2022), Workspace (2017–2022) and Bygone Masters (2022).

Free entry!

Curator: Maria Anna Potocka
Coordinator: Renata Zawartka