Striking Splendour of Mournful Abundance

Bolesław Chromry’s tribute to Marian Kruczek

Marian Kruczek (1927 – 1983). Polish painter and graphic designer, author of sculptures and installations made of industrial waste. Closely associated with Nowa Huta, where he moved to in 1956 in order to attempt a cultural animation of this industrial workers’ district of Kraków. He designed many public space projects such as Captured Space in Mistrzejowice in Kraków, which can still be seen today. The site of his one-time workshop at the Dominikański Stalls in Stolarska street is commemorated by a metal bull, one of the numerous zoomorphic creatures created by his great imagination inspired by drawing on the striking splendour of the mournful abundance of social realist reality.

Bolesław Chromry. King of discomfort and Poland, draughtsman, fabulist, magician, illustrator, Master of Fine Arts, Damian Siemień, Dawid Bratko, Ulrich von Jungingen. Bronisław Chromy’s assistant, friend of Jacek Stokłosa, admirer of Feliks Dzierżyński. Living and working on the Internet.

The exhibition presents Kruczek’s work rediscovered and interpreted by Bolesław Chromry.