Inexhaustibility is an exhibition which aims to develop a new hybrid formula for presenting sound in a gallery – it does not fit into the framework of institutionalized sound art, but rather deepens reflection on conventional scenarios such as concert, performance and the environment. The actions undertaken will situate the viewer as a causal entity, and at the same time expose the affective properties of the gallery space and transform it into a new social situation.

The project will consist of six performances, which aim to disorder existing spatial-social relations and open audiences up to new ways of perceiving sound.

The defining concept for the contextual sphere of the project as a whole is space, and practices related to its description and use. The gallery, subject to a special arrangement, will become a fully modular and transformable space. In keeping with the tenets of open architecture, the created environment will undergo constant modifications, leaving the audience free to determine the purpose of individual elements. This environment will become a field for musical experiments involving a radical transformation of the staging environment.

The artistic activities presented in the framework of Inexhaustibility can be described as examples of the so-called post-avant-garde attitude. This allows the audience to consider anew the well-known dichotomy in the development of contemporary music: the division into avant-garde and experimental music. The avant-garde is understood here as the striving to create original, new means of expression within a given medium. Experimentalism, on the other hand, represents a tendency aimed at radically breaking down the borders between media.

The artists invited to participate in this project are associated with experimental praxis. In their work, they distance themselves from the ideals of modernity. They emphasize a skeptical attitude toward utopian thinking, conceived as a tendency to set new standards and paradigms, understood as being fully identified and “exhausted”. Their work is characterized by its unfinished nature – individual realizations do not take a finished form and do not fit within a given discipline, nor do they claim to change reality. Individual activities will refer to the great themes of avant-garde art (including the machine and the new man), presenting critical methods for their problematization.
Schedule of performances:

13th April, 7 p.m. – Scott Cazan

27th April, 7 p.m. – Mario de Vega

10th May, 7 p.m. ­– Ryoko Akama

26th May, 7 p.m. – Koen Nutters

9th June, 7 p.m. – Alessandro Bosetti

23rd June, 7 p.m. – Yun Ingrid Lee