The makers of Krakowski Underground were the classics of Polish contemporary art: Jerzy Kosałka,
Zbigniew Libera, Piotr Lutyński and Adam Rzepecki. Altough each of them has a distinctive style and
a favourite medium peculiar to himself, they love one another’s company and effectively boost their
talents. It’s like in a good marriage – what divides unites.

It is fair to say, however conceited it may sound, that the founding myth of Krakowski Underground
is the Krakow Group. But while those were serious, these oppose the famous Krakow conservatism
in a way that is ironic, provocative, intelligent and witty. They want to work regardless of the laws
of the art market or institutional rules. Their slightly anarchist strategy is near and dear to Bunkier
Sztuki and, in addition, the exhibition space we have in the Potocki Palace resembles the basement
interiors of the Krzysztofory Gallery.

The exhibition will feature both individual and collective works. A collaborative work is a series
of paintings made of blankets streched over painting stretchers. In their factory patterns these
underground artists claimed to see genre scenes and similarities to other artists’ works.

The most recent works peform an operation on the myths and legends of Krakow. Here are the
subversive concepts of the city flag, works alluding to the iconic artists of Krakow, including Kantor
or Bereś, and provocative remakes of the local legends. The Adam Mickiewicz monument will be
demolished and the Wawel dragon will be forced to confront a Wrocław dwarf. The story of Wanda
who didn’t want to marry a German will be analysed. Gypsia, a female pug, whose grave is located
in the cellars of the Potocki Palace will appear as well.

Can these new legends of Krakow catch on? Can these old myths be refreshed? To be found out at the
exhibition New Legends of Krakow at Bunkier Sztuki in the Potocki Palace.

On Saturday 8th October at 6 pm you are invited to the opening of exhibition.


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