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Bartek Materka, That's What It Looks Like
from 2 February 2021

Bartek Materka  In 2010 I did some paintings based on random photographs of crowds. Back then they seemed to me sufficient, complete. But year after year the idea kept coming back to me to continue and develop the subject, and finally last spring I (…)

Dorota Nieznalska, The Case of Stanisław Pyjas
21 August – 18 October 2020

May somebody for once Be grateful for my existence Stanisław Pyjas, 8 September 1972   Dorota Nieznalska’s exhibition The Case of Stanisław Pyjas, just like her installation Violence and Memory shown in 2019 at MOCAK, represents a new artistic movement, in which the starting (…)

Cracoviana. Virtual video exhibition from the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery Collection
Bunkier online

In the latest exhibition from the Bunkier Sztuki Collection we present films whose topics are Kraków-related. The exhibition covers works artists from Poland and abroad. The narrative moves through the city as it shows its sweeping vista: society, architecture, nature, history, aesthetic. The display (…)

Adam Rzepecki, The old Rzepecki looks at the young Rzepecki
19 May – 18 October 2020

The exhibition at Bunkier Sztuki is the first such comprehensive Kraków showcase of Adam Rzepecki’s works. By and large, its character is retrospective, as seen in the two-part structure. The first part, placed in the ground floor spaces, presents the works (mainly photographs) which (…)

Piotr Lutyński, Buddha, Mars and Deer
8 February – 11 March 2020

How to grasp and describe the totality of our experience? Is it possible when facing the vastness of the universe? These existential questions arise from Piotr Lutyński’s works to be presented in the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery exhibition. The latest pieces will be set side (…)