Piotr Lutyński, Budda, Mars and Deer

How do we know what we see really exists? How to grasp the ungraspable and describe the totality of our experiences? Is this even possible against the enormousness of the universe and its multidimensional nature? These existential questions emerge from Piotr Lutyński’s works which will be on view in Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art. The latest pieces, created especially for the exhibition, are going to be set side by side with his 2003–2018 artworks. Paintings, objects, collages, films, along with documentation for studio and public space activities will be on display. Captivated by nature, matter, quantum physics and the cosmos, the artist divides the space along their lines, thus giving rise to five domains. The Budda space presents figures with an enlightened entity put in the centre and surrounded by images in which simple circular shapes, vividly coloured, predominate. That way, a space of sacred and contemplative character is established. The Mars space is a place filled with large-format canvases and freestanding geometric objects as well as photographs of the eponymous planet. The animal space manifests as a pseudo-bourgeois living room décor built out of found objects and furniture spliced with the high drama of a dead deer objectified by the civilisation. What accompanies the trappings are compositions of organic elements such as deer antlers, bird eggs, hen skeletons. The realm of biological symbols is made up of box paintings that have been done since the 1990s. They are composed of cereal grains, snail shells, seeds, wax and dead insects. In the odds and ends, the abstraction of painting clashes with the realism of nature. A remarkable juxtaposition, which – the author says – lets “the nature’s naturalness and the art’s artificiality come to light”. These preoccupations are summed up in a film for which the artist cast a man from Subcarpathia as the main character who travelled all over Poland with Piotr Lutyński and explained the world – following the artist’s instructions – with concepts taken from quantum physics. The KR 736EJ project space contains the documentation of activities related to the bus and artist’s atelier. Mannequins in Kazimir Malevich-inspired outfits that the artist designed unify the dissimilar displays.

In Lutyński’s works you can see unbridled ambition to learn the world, at present with a particular emphasis on scientific enquiry. Piotr Lutyński approaches his own fascination with tender irony. Art for him is a universe wherein he can feel free to mix science, nature, emotionality and painting experiences.

Piotr Lutyński exhibition also features photographs of Fire over Kansas, a project he did together with Jarosław Rodycz and Michael Wickerson, and Anna Nawrot’s fabric entitled Image for Piotr.


Piotr Lutyński (b. 1962)

Between 1983 and 1990 he studied at the Pedagogy and Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Silesia, Cieszyn branch. He was awarded the Minister of Culture scholarship twice. Piotr Lutyński is a versatile intermedia artist. He produces paintings, objects, installations, music performances, multimedia shows. His ability is to combine natural materials, e.g. bird eggs, grass, feathers, pebbles, insects or wax, with ready-mades and abstract painting in surprising ways. Some of his objects and installations become “everyday items” not only for animals.


Events to accompany the exhibition:

8 February 2020, Saturday, 8 pm

Music performance by the band Rdzeń: Piotr Lutyński – violin, Marek Kozica – cello, Adam Rzepecki – percussion, Ewa Wiosna Małas-Libera – sax, Zbigniew Libera – percussion, Fryderyk Lutyński – guitar

16 February 2020, Sunday, 12 pm
Piotr Lutyński leads a guided tour of his exhibition

8 March 2020, Sunday, 12 pm
Workshop for children led by the artist Piotr Lutyński

14 March 2020, Saturday, 8 pm

Music concert by the band Ryszard Krynicki & Rdzeń 2, including: Ryszard Krynicki – recitation, Piotr Lutyński – violin, Grzegorz Kosowski – electric guitar, Kacper Ivo Matuszewski – percussion, Fryderyk Lutyński – keyboard