Terms and conditions of visiting

§ 1. General provisions

  1. The Terms and conditions of visiting the exhibitions and participating in the events organised in the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, hereinafter referred to as “Terms and conditions”, lay down the rules for visiting the exposition of the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art with its headquarters in pl. Szczepański 3A, 31-011 Krakow entered into the Register of Cultural Institutions of the City of Krakow no. IV/94, NIP: 675-000-44-94, REGON: 000278008.
  1. In matters related to providing services of visiting the exposition, selling entry tickets to the exposition as well as complaints and requests the Gallery may be contacted:
    a. by letter at the address: Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej “Bunkier Sztuki”, plac Szczepański 3a, 30-011, 31-008 Kraków,
    b. via e-mail: sekretariat@bunkier.art.pl

§ 2. Visiting the exposition

  1. The person visiting the exposition, hereinafter referred to as the “Visitor” can use the exposition located in Pałac Potockich at Szczepański Square 3A, 31-011 Kraków.
  2. The Gallery’s exposition is temporary.
  3. The expositions are open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday between 12 and 7 pm unless, under special circumstances, the Director of the Gallery decides otherwise, which will be announced on the Gallery’s website.
  4. On Mondays the exposition is closed to vistors.
  5. Minors under 13 years of age can visit the expositions exclusively under adult supervision.

§ 3. Rules of behaviour in the Gallery during visiting and exhibition openings

  1. The Visitor is obliged to comply with the provisions of the Terms and conditions as well as follow the instructions of the Gallery staff.
  2. The premises of the Gallery and the exposition are under video surveillance.
  3. Large luggage and backpacks or other objects which can endanger life or health of people or safety of any person or property cannot be brought to the exposition. The Gallery reserves the right to check the luggage dimensions and its contents.
  4. The following are forbidden to enter the exposition:
    a. persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances or other substances with a similar effect;
    b. persons possessing objects which can endanger life and health or safety of any person or property;
    c. persons behaving in a way that is offensive, provocative or in any other way that endangers the safety of the exposition, disrupts the course of the visit for other visitors or violates generally accepted standards of behaviour in public places;
    d. persons improperly dressed;
    e. persons not complying with the provisions of these Terms and conditions.
  5. It is prohibited to bring onto the premises of the Gallery means of direct coercion, weapons, explosive materials, caustic substances as well as other dangerous objects. The prohibition does not apply to persons who are authorised to possess and use such objects on the basis of separate provisions.
  6. On the premises of the Gallery it is strictly forbidden to touch the exhibits with the exception of the exhibits which are interactive and are marked with relevant information, as well as elements of exposition architecture.
  7. The Visitor is forbidden to smoke tobacco or e-cigarettes on the premises of the Gallery with the exception of specially designated places.
  8. Eating and drinking alcohol on the premises of the Gallery are forbidden with the exception of the designated area of the café.
  9. Running, loud behaviour and other activities that can cause anxiety in other visitors are forbidden while visiting the Gallery.
  10. It is forbidden to climb platforms, security and reinforcement elements as well as lean out over railings and security elements.
  11. In case of untypical or unwanted events the Visitor should inform the Gallery staff and
    follow their instructions.
  12. In case of threat to health or life of visitors the Gallery reserves the right to suspend visiting the exposition.
  13. In case of announcing an evacuation alert or a rescue operation all persons remaining on the premises of the Gallery are obliged to immediately leave the premises through the nearest emergency exit and obey the instructions of the Gallery staff.
  14. The Gallery can refuse entry to the exposition or suspend visiting the exposition by persons violating the provisions of the Terms and conditions.
  15. The Visitor declares that he has read the Terms and conditions, understands them and fully accepts them.

§ 4. Participation in workshops

  1. Participation in workshops requires prior registration via e-mail at the address indicated in the announcement.
  2. The Gallery reserves the right to limit the number of workshop participants in order to ensure the proper organisation of classes. In case of a limited number of participants applications will be handled on a first come first served basis.
  3. Registration for a workshop requires the applicant to provide their personal data as well as the data of other persons who are going to take part in the classes in order to enable the identification of people during workshops.
  4. The Gallery has the right to check whether a participant has been correctly registered and is on the list before the beginning of a workshop. If the number of participants is limited and the person is not on the list of participants, the Gallery has the right to refuse entry to the workshop in order to ensure order and proper organisation.
  5. Participation in workshops is chargeable according to the current price list valid in the Gallery.
  6. Participation in workshops is equivalent to expression of consent to publish the works (images of works) made during the workshops on the Gallery’s website, in the Gallery headquarters as well as on its social media profiles for information and promotional purposes. The decision to make the works or their images accessible is the Gallery’s sovereign decision and the participants have no claims towards the organiser of workshops as to making the works publicly accessible.

§ 5. Accessibility of the cultural institution

  1. In the entrance hall there is a scale model of the building with individual areas accessible to visitors marked on it. The model allows one to familiarise him-/herself with the layout of the Gallery by means of the sense of sight or/and touch.
  2. The exposition areas of the Gallery are accessible in terms of architecture. In order to safely move between the levels of the Gallery people with limited mobility are asked to use the lift. The staircases and the entresol level (the bookshop) are inaccessible to wheelchair users.
  3. The description of the tour routes for people with limited mobility is available at the Ticket office and on the Gallery’s website: www.bunkier.art.pl
  4. On the ground level there is a quiet corner – a safe area created specially for autistic people, sensory sensitive people and children, where you can rest in case of overstimulation while visiting the exposition.
  5. Every Tuesday from 12 to 3 pm as part of the accessibility of the cultural institution the Gallery holds the so-called Hush time, whose aim is to create a safe and comfortable space for autistic visitors or sensory sensitive people.
  6. During Hush time the Gallery ensures that:
    a. no organised activities are held in the exhibition area (guided tours, workshops, meetings with artists and others)
    b. loud sounds coming from audio artworks are muted
    c. harsh lighting is dimmed or reduced

§ 6. General rules of selling entry tickets to the exposition

  1. Visiting the exposition is possible on the basis of an entry ticket to the exposition.
  2. Entering into the contract with the Gallery for providing the service that consists in visiting the exposition is simultaneous with purchasing the entry ticket to the exposition.
  3. The amount of the fee for entry to and visiting the exposition is specified in the price list avilable on the Gallery website www.bunkier.art.pl and at the Gallery ticket office.
  4. Person eligible for a discounted entry to the exposition must present the proof of eligibility while paying the entry fee.
  5. The ticket entitling to visit the exposition can be purchased at the Gallery ticket office.
  6. The ticket office is open during the exposition opening hours with the provision that the ticket office is closed 30 minutes before the exposition closing time.
  7. The Gallery ticket office accepts payments in Polish zloty and by cards.
  8. The request for an invoice documenting the purchase of the ticket should be made before the purchase.

§ 7. Complaints

  1. Any possible complaints regarding providing the service of visiting the exposition by the Gallery should be submitted in writing, either by letter at the Gallery address: plac Szczepański 3a, 31-011 Kraków, or via e-mail: sekretariat@bunkier.art.pl.
  2. It is recommended to include in the complaint the Visitor’s identification data, information regarding the subject of the complaint, especially the type of anomaly and date of its ocurrence, the essence of the request and Visitor’s contact data. However, failing to include the data indicated in the previous sentence does not affect the effectiveness of the submitted complaint.
  3. Should the data or information included in the complaint require completing, the Gallery will turn to the submitter for completion.
  4. The Gallery shall handle the complaint immediately and inform the submitter about the way of handling it within 14 days from the date of submitting the complaint, and, should the data or information included in the complaint require completion, within 14 days from the date of completion. In duly justified cases the date of handling the complaint can be delayed by another 14 days, about which the Gallery shall inform the submitter.
  5. It is possible for any Visitor who is a consumer to follow out-of-court procedures of handling complaints and pursuing claims. The principles of access to the out-of-court procedures of handling complaints and pursuing claims are available in the headquarters and on websites of district (municipal) consumer rights advisers, social organisations whose statutory objectives include consumer protection and Regional Inspectors of Commercial Inspection.
  6. Any disputes regarding providing the service of vistiting the exposition by the Gallery shall be settled by the competent common Polish courts.

§ 8. Remaining provisions

  1. The Terms and conditions as well as information about visiting the exposition are available on the Gallery webiste: www.bunkier.art.pl and at the ticket office.
  2. The Terms and conditions come into force on 8.02.2024.