Beata Stankiewicz. Natural Born Artists

Beata Stankiewicz is a born painter. This is the field that she finds the most fulfilling and where
she feels truly happy. But there is more to her art than outstanding painting skills. What matters
to her most is the concept and the analysis. She is, above all, fascinated by the tension between human presence and absence, between existence and non-existence. She probes these in depth. Each theme
is encapsulated in a large series of paintings that refer symbolically to the interiors of artists’ homes
and studios. In some paintings the protagonist is poignantly absent, in others – obtrusively present.
The anthropological interpretations conducted by Beata Stankiewicz are wide-ranging and deeply moving.

Her paintings meet the criteria we set for good art: there is both a worldview and excellent craftsmanship. There is artistic passion and thoughtful insight. With Beata Stankiewicz,
the concept meets a deft hand, and reaches its expression in the golden medium of art – painting.

The exhibition will show the following series of works: Empty Rooms (2012–2022), Artists’ Retreat
(2017–2022), Workspaces (2017–2022) and Bygone Masters (2022).

Beata Stankiewicz (b. 1973) – pursues painting, photography, video art. Graduate of the Faculty
of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (diploma in 1998 from Professor Józef Lucjan Ząbkowski’s studio). The artist works in series, most often creating large-scale, hyperrealistic
depictions of bits of reality: images of trees or residential interiors (mainly artists’ studios,
peristyle or monastic cells). She also pursues portrait painting, in which light and colour play
the most important role. Since 2005 she and her husband have run a non-commercial art gallery
from home: flat23.

Her works are, among others, in the collections of Bunkier Sztuki and MOCAK.

Beata Stankiewicz, De Staël, from the series Bygone Masters, 2022, oil / canvas, 90 × 60 cm,
private collection, photo: R. Sosin



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