Eduardo Kac | Lagoglyphs

Lagoglyphs are a series of works in which Eduardo Kac develops a “rabbitographic” form of writing – pictograms representing Alba, a green-glowing transgenic bunny created by the artist in 2000. In development since 2006, the Lagoglyph series includes prints, murals, sculptures, paintings, an algorithmic animation and a satellite work created specifically for visualization in Google Earth. As visual language that alludes to meaning but resists interpretation, the Lagoglyphs series stands as the counterpoint to the barrage of discourses generated through, with, and around Kac’s green bunny.

Eduardo Kac (born in 1962 in Rio de Janeiro). Lives and works in Chicago. The author of interactive net installations.

The exhibition, which accompanies the 19th World Congress of Aesthetics, presents selected works from the series: screen prints, a mural, an algorithmic presentation or a work designed to be viewed using Google Earth.