Existence is a glissando. It is disharmony. Sometimes, a particular tone will stand out in this discordant sea of notes. A tender clarinet. A delicate violin. Agneta Pleijel, Wróżba (Krakow, 2016)   Did you know that the number of vehicles in a motor convoy can’t exceed ten for cars, (…)


From the sublime to the ridiculous at the Bunkier Sztuki Gallery is the first solo exhibition of this young British artist who is interested in moments of disruption, chaos and failure. In 2016 Moss came under the spotlight in the British media when she got (…)


Well, what have we got here this time? The obvious answer would be “the usual.” However, such answer doesn’t reveal much when it comes to an exhibition, does it? Should we give you more? All right. Our subject is violence and all forms of radicalism. For years, (…)

opening: 21.09.2018, (Friday), 6 p.m.

“A sprawl of snowy hills and ugly roads… there is no one to see them.”[1]   The exhibition Orient is a meditation on the Central and Eastern European identity. It considers the failure of its own identity to be the unifying aspect of this unclear region. The (…)


“Human Study” is a futuristic drawing lesson. In Patrick Tresset’s piece, the human is the sitter and the inspiration, and the robots take the role of the artists. Drawing sessions resemble a performance and they last around thirty minutes. During the Patchlab Festival anyone can be (…)