► NOWE - 22.09.2016 - Informacja o godzinie składania prac konkursowych


Opening: Friday, September 16th, 6 pm

The sound […] evokes strange images in which there is always a greensward of fine spiked grass in which hornets and snakes play a great part. […] These furious sorties with adders and rose petals made an intoxicating sort of music, a steel-stringed zithery slipper-gibber which could (…)

Anna Zaradny, SWEETEST SOUND OF CIRCULATING FIRMAMENT, sound installation, 2011, RONDO DENOTING CIRCLE exhibition, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery of Contemporary Art, 2016, photo: Grzegorz Mart / Studio FilmLove
Opening: Friday, September 16th, 6 pm

Cyclicity, repetition, circulation. The audiovisual structure developed in the Gallery by Anna Zaradny takes the form of a looped composition spinning round between tumultuous emotion and cool intellect. It makes a disturbing journey within and at the same time upwards, from the absolute physical and mental (…)

Opening: Friday, September 16th, 6 pm

A graphic symbol is one of the basic elements of visual communication. Abstract emblems, illustrative metaphors and depictive abbreviations are like syllables or letters constituting a graphic lingual system in which—as if it were a mirror—society’s or country’s past is reflected. And yet late 1960s remain the (…)

Opening: 15.05.2016 (Sunday), 1 pm

The exhibition presents works by three art collectives that can be defined as collective research platforms working in the field of contemporary photography, visual culture, and publishing. Discipula We live in a society that has fully embodied the neoliberal vision of a global and homogeneous world. Thanks (…)

Opening: 3.06.2016 (Friday), 6 pm

“Aurélien Froment / Krzysztof Pijarski. Moiré” is an exceptional presentation of works of two artists based on the phenomenon of interference, that is, the overlapping of individual interests, methods, and models of work. Both share fascination with the issues of identity, history, and cultural (…)